Peter Grimm

Born in 1965, in Berlin.

2014 – 1993 Director and author of documentaries for TV and cinema (see flimography)

2014 – 1991 Journalist for TV-magazines (mostly political and historical issues)

2014 – 1986 Journalist for print magazines (until 1989, it was illegal to publish non-authorised publications in East Germany).

2013 – 2007 Editor-in-Chief of the historical quarterly magazine „Horch und Guck“

1988 – 1986 Editor of the monthly magazine „grenzfall“ (banned by the East German authorities).

1989 – 1983 Self-studies in politics and history (access to University was denied because of his protest actions against the communist regime in East Germany).

Eckart Reichl

Born in 1968, in Dresden

2014 – 1993 Cinematographer with special experience in documentaries (see filmography).

2014 - 1998 Lecturer for the training of cameramen

1998 – 1993 Cameraman for different TV magazines

1989 – 1986 Assistant director in theatres in East Germany (studying theatre directing was forbidden because of his protest actions against the communist regime in East Germany.

Filmography of Peter Grimm and Eckart Reichl

All these films are documentaries:

1999: „Die Unruhestifter“ (The troublemakers), 2000: „Neue Fronten“ (New fronts)", 2002: Der Umbetter - Erwin Kowalke und die Kriegstoten" (The Umbetter - Erwin Kowalke and the war dead), 2003: "Die Frau des letzten Juden" (The wife of the last Jew), 2004: „Ernas Courage“ (Erna's Courage), „Der Sohn des Staatsfeindes“ (The son of the enemy of the state), 2005: „Die Häftlingsbotin“ (The prisoner messenger), „Die Kinder der Erschossenen“ (The children of the executed), 2006: "Aufsässig oder Arbeitsscheu?“ (Defiant or aversion to work?), 2007:„Der Aufbrecher“ (The Aufbrecher), 2008: „Rischkanowka oder Der König von Bessarabien“ (Rischkanowka or The King of Bessarabia), „Hinter Stacheldraht geboren“ (Born behind barbed wire), 2009: „Verschwörung unterm Kirchendach?“ (Conspiracy under the church roof?), 2010: „Der Mut der Anständigen“ (The courage of the decent), 2011: „Bangladesh – extra dry“, 2013: „Waldbrüder/ Forest Brothers“.